Hello and welcome to the 2020 Summer Reading Program!

We’re so glad you’ve decided to join our program thissummer, distanced though it may be.

As you Imagine Your Story this summer, if you keep a log ofwhat you’ve done you earn points! When you earn certain amounts you will get abadge and a raffle ticket that you can redeem for a prize at the library oncesocial distancing procedures allow. (So be sure to hang onto your notificationsfor your tickets!) Be sure to keep an eye on the Missions page for some extraactivities during the week.

Prize Redemption:

-One ticket = One small prize

-Two tickets = one prize book ofyour choice

-Five tickets = one medium prize

-Ten tickets = completioncertificate, one large prize

If you have issues with the site or any questions about theprogram, please call the library at #610-384-4115 or email coatesvilleareapubliclibrary@gmail.com.

Looking forward to learning about the experiences you allhave as you Imagine You Story this summer!


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